Benefits for companies

Benefits for companies


Provides companies with credible means to demonstrate that they are progressing towards methane reduction targets and their commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Global Methane Pledge;


Contributes to ensure that emissions are being reduced to the greatest extent possible and in a cost-effective manner, avoiding their climate impact;


Provides governments, investors and general public with assurance that companies meeting the OGMP 2.0 Gold Standard are responsibly managing their methane emissions – a confidence that can credibly inform policy and investment decisions;


Creates an important community of practice, where companies leverage and accelerate the technical knowledge and experience to transition from simple, generic emissions factors to measurement-based reporting, at the occasion of regular technical experience sharing workshops and the annual OGMP 2.0 implementation conference.


Provides companies with an opportunity to participate in the production of technical guidance, which might ultimately become industry guidance, and ensure that it is implementable by the industry, as well as to team up on complex topics, such as uncertainty and reconciliation or Level 4/Level 5 measurement technologies and approaches.


Facilitates continuous improvements in the accuracy and granularity of reporting by member companies, thanks to OGMP 2.0 guidance, detailing how to meet the reporting requirements for the most materials sources of emissions,


Aids improving operational efficiency and safety in the member companies.


Provides member companies an opportunity to represent the industry voice in IMEO’s advisory council and to be continuously challenged and advised by key stakeholders (e.g. UNEP, European Commission, EDF).